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Kmart discounts some hits (and misses) through Jan. 1


Looking to burn some of that Christmas cash? Kmart's discounted a number of recent and decent (and not-so-decent) console releases through New Year's Day. If you somehow failed to stockpile games following the season's gift-getting climax this past weekend, you may find some of your wished-for titles in Kmart's aisles.

While a number of the retailer's game discounts are available online (and generally competitive with the going rate), it seems most of Kmart's best deals are subject to in-store availability. If you don't see the sale prices reflected at your local store, just show the manager this post on the MyKmart Blog. Check out complete details, by console, after the break.

Kmart Video Games Sale (through Jan. 1)
Note: Links direct to product pages on which sales apply



Xbox 360

Xbox 360 - Kinect

*Not available online

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