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Despite strong start, iPad magazines not faring well over time


There's good news and bad news on the iPad publication front. First of all, lots of iPad magazines seem to be having respectable launches -- Wired's first iPad edition did a full 100,000 downloads earlier this year, and other magazines have seen similarly large numbers at launch, as customers download the app or content just to see what it's like. But that content doesn't seem to be holding anyone's attention, as most publications are seeing major drops over the rest of the year. Magazines like GQ, Vanity Fair, and Glamour have seen about a 20 percent user drop off per month from September to November, at a time when there were more iPads available than ever.

Reports say publishers are still hopeful -- they believe that solid holiday sales of Apple's tablet device could bring customers back after the new year. But numbers like these won't get anyone excited in publishing more iPad content, unfortunately. By the time there are enough iPad customers out there to make a digital publication on that platform worth it, publishers may have lost interest.

[via Engadget]

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