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Putin orders Russian federal agencies to switch to open source software, galavant topless in the out-of-doors


Never one to pass up the opportunity to run a hunkitudinous (look it up!) picture of Vladimir Putin, we were thrilled to hear that the Russian Prime Minister and ex-KGB man has signed an order specifying that "federal executive bodies and agencies of the federal budget" should transition to open source software beginning in Q2 2011. That's right -- it looks like there is something, at least, to those recent rumors that the country was dissing Redmond and contemplating a national open source OS. There's a lot more to it that appears to be of little interest unless you're a member of the apparat, in which case you'll probably be reading this thing in the original in Russian soon enough. As for us, we're just curious to see how the new software will be used to bedevil dissident groups once Microsoft is out of the picture.

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