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Researchers use Kinect to play WoW


Microsoft's Kinect motion addon for the Xbox 360 has been a huge success, not only in the retail world but in the hacker community as well. We've seen some awesome mods for the Kinect in the past few months of its release -- and finally, we've combined the Kinect world with WoW. The USC Institute for Creative Technologies has released a program called FAAST (Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit) that allows the Kinect to be used as a controller for off-the-shelf games.

Check out the video of Kinect being used to control a World of Warcraft character. The software emulator acts as a layer over the keyboard, reading movement as key presses. Personally, I love that the depth sensors of the Kinect can be used to move backwards and forwards by leaning forward and back. So awesome.

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