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Trion profiles RIFT's Freemarch zone


Throughout this month, Trion Worlds has been regularly releasing new information on its upcoming fantasy MMO RIFT. With the NDA having been lifted on the first two rounds of closed beta events, excitement has really started to build for what could potentially be a fun and polished MMO. The game's third closed beta event is already underway, allowing selected testers to play through the first 20 levels and explore the new Silverwood and Freemarch zones. For anyone who didn't make it into the third RIFT beta event, Trion has now released several screenshots and pieces of concept art on the Freemarch zone to give us an idea of what we can expect from it.

Freemarch is a zone with a chilling storyline. Home of the Defiant faction, its coasts are ravaged by the slimy monsters that clamber out from dangerous water rifts. Its fertile rolling fields are now ravaged by death rifts, and the once-grand Port Scion is completely overrun with the Deathtouched. "Freemarch is the heart of the Defiant faction," Trion tells us. "Their wondrous city of Meridian stands by the coast, its back to the mountains, sending out waves of Defiant to keep Freemarch free. Yet every day new rifts open, new monsters emerge, and the laughter of cultists grows ever more confident and shrill. Undead claw their way from their graves to feast on the living and raze farmsteads, turning the heartland black."

Stay tuned to Massively's coverage of RIFT for more updates, reveals and impressions from the beta tests.

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