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RunKeeper Pro is free through January -- there's no excuse to be a couch potato


If you read my recent roundup of exercise and dieting apps for iOS, you'll probably remember that one of my featured apps was RunKeeper for iPhone, which I use to track my walks and bike rides. Up until this time, I've used the RunKeeper Free edition, which lacks the customizable audio cues, coaching features and improved fitness class experience of the Pro version.

Well, I just upgraded to the Pro version for free, and you can, too. As a way of encouraging people to get off their couches, and to thank RunKeeper users for their support over the last two and a half years, the company is making RunKeeper Pro free to download through January 30, 2011. It doesn't matter if you haven't used RunKeeper Free in the past, you can still get the Pro version at no cost.

This giveaway comes in the wake of RunKeeper Pro being named by Apple as one of the Top Grossing Apps of 2010. Note that the Elite service, which allows others to follow your progress while you're out exercising, still costs either US$4.95 per month or $19.95 annually. For TUAW readers who use Android smartphones, you'll be happy to know that RunKeeper Pro for Android is also free through the month of January.

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