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Indie iPhone sale raises $25K as Canabalt goes open source

The generosity of indie developer Semi Secret apparently knows no bounds. Not only did the studio lend its runaway (geddit?) hit Canabalt to the Indie iPhone sale, which has already raised over $25,000 for the Child's Play Charity with its ongoing $0.99 offers on iPhone hits such as Osmos, Drop7, and Solipskier, but the two-man team behind the grayscale game has opened up the Canabalt source code for everyone's perusal.

You can download and learn more about the Canabalt source on Semi Secret's official site -- all that we ask is that, should you go poking around in the game's brain, you finally program in whatever the agile protagonist is running from. We've spun off a number of theories involving the Illuminati, but it's entirely possible that we're way, way off base.

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