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NHL Winter Classic game will be in 3D New Year's Day, find out where to watch


Whether or not you've been keeping up with HBO's 24/7 episodes, most hockey fans know that the yearly outdoor Winter Classic is scheduled for tomorrow between the Penguins and Capitals, but you may not know it will also be broadcast in 3D (the second one this season.) According to the NHL's page it will be available "worldwide" and we've confirmed Comcast, Cox, DirecTV, Cablevision Shaw and Telus are on the list. They're likely not the only ones, with Versus broadcasting if your provider has a dedicated 3D event channel and the sports network (especially if they broadcast the Oregon/Cal football game earlier this fall) it's a good bet it will be on but we'd check with them first. Here's hoping that next time around (the Heritage Classic game in February will be in 3D too) there's a slightly more coordinated effort to let those who might be interested in watching know where and how to tune in.

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