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Live from Samsung's CTIA event!

Live from Samsung's CTIA event!
Chris Ziegler
Chris Ziegler|March 22, 2011 10:53 AM
We're in the door for Samsung's CTIA Wireless 2011 press conference, one of two blockbuster events today (the other, of course, being Sprint a little later on). We're expecting both phone and tablet news here, so hang onto your friends, your loved ones, and your computers -- this is going to get interesting. Follow the break!
11:30AM And we're done!

11:29AM 10.1 launches June 8th in the US, 8.9 comes "early this summer."

11:29AM The 8.9 is $469 and $569 for 16GB and 32GB.

11:29AM 10.1 WiFi version comes in 16GB and 32GB flavors; $499 and $599 respectively.

11:28AM Omar's back. "At Samsung, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy."

11:28AM 6,000mAh battery -- pretty impressive for a device of this size.

11:27AM "It keeps me one step ahead of everyone. And that works for me."

11:26AM "I don't have much time for gadgets. But once I picked up the Galaxy Tab 8.9, I couldn't put it down!"

11:26AM Now we're learning a bit about Joseph, CEO of a real estate firm. He loves his Galaxy Tab 8.9!

11:25AM He just pulled it out of his jacket pocket: "you can try this at home -- this is an off-the-rack suit, I promise you."

11:24AM Galaxy Tab 8.9! (Finally!)

11:24AM Omar's back -- "we didn't stop there." Another model for consumers who want "a bit more mobility."

11:24AM It's being angled as the "thinnest, lightest, and most full-featured large-screen tablet in the world."

11:23AM Sound Station dock with a big speaker around back. Good for movies we figure. Another Desk Dock model with HDMI-out.

11:23AM Now, we're looking at accessories. Samsung Stick -- carry it like a pen, works as a Bluetooth handset with vibration for call alerting. Pretty neat.

11:22AM Hardware-based encryption on both internal and external memory.

11:21AM "People want to bring these to work and have them supported by their IT departments. These will be the most enterprise-friendly tablets on the market."

11:20AM "For the US market, we'll be adding our popular Media Hub download service." Movies can be shared on up to five devices.

11:20AM New Music Hub, 1080p playback "on all Galaxy Tabs," surround sound system using dual speakers. Flash 10.2 support, of course.

11:19AM Here comes Nicholas DiCarlo, VP of product planning. "I think it's really obvious we've been trying to make a unique tablet."

11:18AM New Readers Hub "will make content jump right off the page."

11:18AM Omar says that the custom UI will be coming to "some" models, but isn't going into details.

11:17AM New version of Social Hub optimized for tablets that integrates email and social networks into a single view.

11:16AM TouchWiz 4.0, "designed specifically for Android 3.0 tablets." Live Panel customizable home screen.

11:15AM PLS display. We're sure these guys would love to be packing Super AMOLED Plus in here, but we're guessing it just doesn't scale to 10.1 inches yet in a cost effective way.

11:14AM 8.6mm thick!

11:14AM Dual WiFi antennas with 2.4 and 5GHz bands.

11:14AM HSPA+ up to 21Mbps. "We will also introduce Tabs in the future with LTE and WiMAX."

11:13AM Here we go: the "new and improved" Galaxy Tab 10.1! Yes, believe it or not, it's new and improved SINCE Mobile World Congress last month. "Virtually the same" thickness as the Galaxy S II.

11:12AM "It's always interesting to hear the true life stories of Galaxy Tab users." Those seemed like actors to us, but it's possible we just don't have a good read for natural humans.

11:11AM The 10.1 is "fast, like my life. When I need information, I need it now! With the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, I can access information, resources. I get what I need, right now."

11:10AM Now we've got an "independent filmmaker" who likes his 10.1. See where this is going?

11:09AM New Yorker Joan likes her 7-inch Tab, turns out.

11:08AM Now we're back to these New Yorkers and their Tabs on the screen.

11:08AM "Today, I'll present to you our next generation of Galaxy Tabs -- two new devices."

11:07AM "These products fit the diverse lifestyles of consumers." Still no mention of what these new devices are. (Though if you check a little site called Engadget, you'll find we've got hands-ons posted.)

11:06AM "Unfortunately, part of our story was leaked yesterday but there are plenty of surprises for you today."

11:06AM And now Kim's bringing out Omar Khan -- yes, the very same we've had on the Engadget Show!

11:05AM Whoa, TWO new Galaxy Tabs today!

11:05AM "People expect different user experiences for different screen sizes."

11:04AM "We've created a surprise to show you today. It just goes to show you how competitive the mobile market has become."

11:04AM "Good morning everyone! It's been only a month since our last major announcement at the Mobile World Congress in February. Here I am again to tell you how strongly committed and determined we are to lead the market."

11:03AM Here comes president JK Shin!

11:02AM Here comes Samsung Mobile director Kim Titus. "Welcome to this special episode of Samsung Mobile Unpacked. As you know, we hosted episode one just last month at Mobile World Congress."

11:01AM Looks like we're watching a video of three New Yorkers using their Galaxy Tabs. One for the 7, one for the 8.9, and one for the 10.1, we're guessing.

11:01AM "Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 -- Special Epsiode." A very special episode, or just a special episode?

11:00AM Here we go!

10:58AM Of course, that "78910" teaser Samsung's been using for the last few weeks to talk up the presumed announcement of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 is all over the screen.

10:54AM We've just been given our five-minute warning. Everyone ready?
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