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HTC Thunderbolt and Samsung i520 bring LTE gravitas to Verizon's stock-keeping systems

Vlad Savov

So if the HTC Incredible was coded as the ADR6300 in Verizon's internal systems, just what do you think an ADR6400 could signify? A pair of screenshots from a VZW employee living out a Julian Assange daydream have seemingly confirmed the common expectation that Verizon will very soon deliver its Incredible successor -- better known to you and us as the LTE-equipped HTC Thunderbolt. Aiding and abetting the HTC handset in getting the red team's LTE network started will be Samsung's SCH-i520, an Android 2.2 device equipped with that most critical of accessories, a front-facing camera. Both are now standing on the precipice of showing up for sale, those zeroes in the stock column shouldn't remain so round for much longer.

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