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APB Reloaded blog talks new client, closed beta date

Jef Reahard

Anxiously awaiting the (re)launch of the new free-to-play version of All Points Bulletin? You're not alone, as the folks at GamersFirst are as well. To that end, how does a projected late February closed beta date grab you? Bjorn Book-Larsson drops that particular hint in the latest APB Reloaded dev blog, and also says that the beta application details will be forthcoming in the next week.

Book-Larsson goes on to talk about why it's taking GamersFirst a bit of time to turn the lights back on for the resurrected MMO crime opus, and two of those reasons boil down to a new game client and a new company network. While this week's blog is a little light on client details, Book-Larsson does indicate that more info is forthcoming. "The exact config of the client will be the focus for each update in each of the next several weeks, so at the moment all I will say is that the closed beta client will be a little bit smaller than the original shipping client. It will have a basic premium system built in, various balance fixes, and we might be able to turn on the chaos rule-set," he writes.

The remainder of the lengthy blog entry focuses on techie details relating to GamersFirst's new network, and for those of you who are prone to glazed eyes at the thought of techno babble, Book-Larsson invites you to tune in next week when the discussion will turn to in-game features.

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