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Child's Play raised over $2 million in 2010


The Child's Play charity announced today that it brought in a grand (grand) total of $2,294,317.53 in donations for 2010, a new annual record for the organization. Reflecting on the figure at the bottom of a Penny Arcade news post primarily about a repellent fruit sludge you squeeze into your mouth, Jerry "Tycho Brahe" Holkins said that the lifetime total for Child's Play donations is now over nine million dollars, noting to contributors, "If it is possible to Win Charity, you have done so." He also pointed out that not all of last year's donations are likely to have been accounted for yet.

Gamasutra reports that some of the larger donations came from charity drives like the Humble Indie Bundle, which contributed $300,000 during its second-year initiative in late December, and the "Desert Bus for Hope" marathon, which raised $207,000, in addition to the Gears of War 3 "Fate of Carmine" fundraiser, which accounted for $150,000 in donations and might have killed a virtual guy. Another high-profile fundraiser, the Indie iPhone sale, brought in around $25,000 to the charity.

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