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Sharp's 10.8-inch Galapagos EB-WX1GJ 'media tablet' hits the FCC


We've already heard that Sharp was planning to bring its Galapagos tablets / e-readers to the US, and it looks like they've now crossed one key hurdle on that path -- or one of the tablets has, at least. The 10.8-inch EB-WX1GJ "media tablet" recently passed through the FCC, where it posed for the camera, went through the usual battery of tests, and picked out a nice spot for an FCC label. Not much in the way of surprises at this point, but the device's user manual does also mention the 5.5-inch EB-W51GJ model, so it may well be following it's larger counterpart through the FCC, if it hasn't already. There also happens to be a rather large technology trade show happening this week, which seems like an ideal opportunity for Sharp to divulge some additional details. We'll keep you posted if that happens.

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