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Angry Birds bombard PSN Minis today


Say you're on a trip. Your cell phone dies. You need to play Angry Birds. Well, following today's PSN update, you'll be able to carry a backup version of Rovio's runaway hit with you at all times -- on your PSP (you take that everywhere, right?). Of course, if you're at home and get tired of squinting at a portable screen, the Minis release will run on your PS3, which should be easier on the eyes ... as long as your TV isn't a 3-inch LCD.

Final pricing for the Minis version of Angry Birds will be revealed once the next PSN update goes live later tonight, but it should be only a few bucks. If you're in China and don't want to wait for the PlayStation Store update, stop by Guangzhou province and play the most realistic (and thoroughly unlicensed) game of Angry Birds ever.

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