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City of Heroes extends the Winter Event through the end of the month

Eliot Lefebvre

It happens, despite our best efforts. You play City of Heroes, and you really did want to take part in the Winter Event, but between the holiday rush, doing charity work, cooking dinner for your family, and the non-stop chupacabra attacks, you just didn't have the time to log in. But Paragon Studios is going to give you a belated gift to help rectify that unfortunate circumstance -- you're not going to miss the fun as long as you get a chance to play before the end of the month, as the event is now running through the 31st.

This year's event is very similar to the event of last year, albeit with the added challenge of defeating the nefarious (and frosty) Lady Winter to prevent her evil schemes. Players can also collect special salvage to unlock special Enhancements and costume pieces, as well as acquire badges from previous years. The event is running through the rest of the month, so even if you've been a bit too swamped to enjoy the holiday season in City of Heroes before now, you've got more chances ahead.

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