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Firefox beats Internet Explorer in Europe, according to at least one Statcounter

Vlad Savov

Measuring browser use is an inexact science, we all know that, but at least one traffic monitor is reporting that Firefox has managed to beat out Internet Explorer as the most popular browser in the fine continent that is Europe. StatCounter reports that during the month of December, FF afficionados accounted for 38.11 percent of all analyzed traffic, a few precious digits ahead of IE's 37.52 percent. This marks the first time Microsoft's browser has lost the crown in a major territory, though apparently the handover of the number one spot has been thanks to the third player in this contest, Google's Chrome. StatCounter says it was Chrome's consumption of IE's market share that has led to the current situation, whereas Firefox's big achievement is to merely maintain its position. Guess that EU-imposed browser ballot screen is having the desire effect after all, eh?

[Thanks, Nickolas]

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