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From the makers of Game Dev Story: 'The Game Dealer' retail sim


There's a good chance that some of you reading this are currently employed by game retailers, so we're going to describe Waiwai! The Game Dealer, a new game from Kairosoft (maker of Game Dev Story), without spinning any heads.

In The Game Dealer, you assume the role of a game store boss who must manage employees and please customers, all the while balancing a stock portfolio of game development studios. Unlike real life game retail jobs, you'll apparently be able to offer customers food, Touch Arcade reports -- perhaps a "shoo mallrats away from free food" minigame is on the books?

TGD is only available in the Japanese App Store as of right now and no official confirmation has been given of intentions to localize the game. That said, with the success of Game Dev Story and the forthcoming Game Dev Story 2 already planned, we'd be surprised if the game didn't arrive Stateside at some point. And that's when the existential crisis begins: playing a game about managing a retail game store while working at a retail game store.

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