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Iomega SuperHero iPhone dock backs up contacts and photos to SD card (video)

Ross Miller

In addition to Boxee-addled media devices and the customary run of new storage solutions, Iomega's got its own take on the iPod dock to show off. The SuperHero can back up photos and contacts from your iPhone (3G model and up) and iPod touch (second-gen and up) to an SD card -- no apps or music, unfortunately, due to restrictions in the API. The associated app pops up automatically when you slot in the device, and there's a few options for fine-tuning what exactly gets saved. A smart idea, but it'd be nice if we had more output options like audio (for an elegant stereo solution) or USB (just in case you did have a computer handy, with or without iTunes). SuperHero'll set you back $69.99 and comes bundled with a 4GB SDHC card, but more importantly, there's an amusing video ad to see. It's after the break.

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