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Verizon's Palm Pre 2 gets teased on Walmart's site... in case someone still cares

Chris Ziegler

With the next big thing out of Sunnyvale just weeks away, it's hard to believe anyone much cares about about the Pre 2 at this point -- but for what it's worth, Walmart's now pimping the Verizon-flavored version of the phone on its LetsTalk-powered website for a release at some indeterminate point in the future. Interestingly, the news of a February webOS event hosted by HP ties in nicely with a recent rumor on PhoneArena that suggests Big Red's Pre 2 will live a very short retail life starting later this month as HP transitions into "its own line of webOS handsets," which could very well be what these guys want to show off next month. Might we have a Kin-style collectors' item in the making?

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