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Choose My Adventure: Indie and free-to-play edition


Howdy, folks. It's that time again -- time to choose a new game for the infamous Choose My Adventure series. This time, however, I, Beau Hindman, have been nominated to act as your guide for the next month and a half. This might be good or bad depending on what kind of games you would like to see me write about. As the resident "indie/free-to-play dude" I am morally obligated to make a list composed of games we do not already cover several times per week.

Do me a favor, though: Even if you do not recognize many of these games, go ahead and vote anyway. Take a moment before you do and check the game's website, read up on some of the FAQs, and maybe make an account. Then, cast your vote. It's important that we give the same amount of spotlight to smaller titles. If we start to value games only for their budget or staff size, then we will end up talking about a very limited set of choices. Variety is the key to happiness!

So click past the cut and vote on your favorite pick! Just make sure to have your vote in by 12:00 p.m. noon EST on January 10th.

Beau Hindman is your puppet. Make him dance, if you'd like. Over the next several weeks, he will be your guide through whatever game you choose, through whatever activity you command him to participate in. Follow him on Twitter or Raptr to see when he might be playing, then go in game to shoot bullets at his feet!

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