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iPad 2 mockup, case appear at CES


We have already seen a few iPad 2 case renderings hit the internet, but Engadget hit the jackpot when they stumbled on a real-life case at CES. The case was developed by Dexim and included a notch for a front camera, a hole for a rear-facing camera and an opening for larger speakers. The case even enclosed a mockup iPad 2 fashioned out of aluminum. The mockup device was slimmer than the current iPad and featured tapered edges similar to the fourth generation iPod touch. Beyond the iPad 2 styling, the case also included a magnetic, removable Bluetooth keyboard that lets you use the iPad as a laptop.

While intriguing, the appearance of this Dexim offering does not bring any new information to the table. All the iPad 2 physical characteristics embodied in this case have been hinted at in earlier leaked information and previous case designs, What is does do is cause us to stop and consider the source information that determined this case design.

As we saw with Hard Candy Cases last year at Macworld Expo 2010, it is common practice for case manufacturers to produce mockup devices and prototype cases prior to a device's release. Dexim may have designed this case using information from sources that unofficially confirmed the hardware characteristics of the iPad 2. It is equally possible that the company is betting the bank that earlier rumors are correct with the hope that it can be among the first to launch a next generation iPad case. Regardless of their source information, the novelty of this iPad 2 mockup will no doubt turn heads at CES and will be a public relations win for Dexim.

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