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Kill Screen's inaugural 'High Scores' show Limbo and Mass Effect 2 atop 2010 leaderboard


In its first annual "High Scores" ranking, our friends at Kill Screen broke down 2010's releases into two main categories: "Big Games" (including blockbusters, full retail releases and subscription-based MMOs) and "Small Games" (including indies, downloadables, DLC and expansions, mobile, social, free-to-play and completely free titles). Then, a whole gang of critics, Joystiq's Andrew Yoon and myself included, were elected as judges, each allotted 100 points per category and able to award any game 2–40 points. (A judge, for example, could have totally given 1 vs. 100 all 40 points it rightfully deserved!)

Scoring in the top spots across the two categories were two titles that also appeared in our own Top 10: Mass Effect 2 (the "big" game) and Limbo (the "small" one). Notably, Minecraft landed in the #3 "Small Games" position, just below Super Meat Boy, showing how much critical love there's been for the just-in-beta world-building game. Also of note: BioShock 2's "Minerva's Den" and Mass Effect 2's "Lair of the Shadow Broker" charted, representing the only DLC to earn a "High Score."

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