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Motorola Cliq 2, first hands-on

Sean Hollister

So, now you know what Motorola's Cliq 2 is all about, but how does it feel? Much like a cheaper, curvier Droid 2, to tell you the truth -- as you'd expect when the device comes saddled with very similar specs. It's pleasantly weighty like the Droid, and similarly stylish, though the capacitive touchscreen didn't respond quite as readily to our touch, though that could be the effect of the hefty MOTOBLUR UI layer rather than an issue with the digitizer. The keyboard's actually a bit more tactile, with domed soft rubber keys, and the hexagonal honeycomb arrangement felt refreshing compared to the some of the buttons we're used to. We didn't have loads of time with the unit, but it could be a decent alternative to the T-Mobile G2. We'll let you know when we find the time for a full review -- in the meanwhile, check some snapshots below.

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