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Sharp confirms Galapagos tablet for the US, won't commit to any particular specs

Sean Hollister

We've got a pretty good idea what Sharp's Galapagos tablet will look like when it hits the states later this year, but Sharp actually won't say -- today, it admitted that a tablet called Galapagos will indeed ford the ocean from Japan in 2011, but wouldn't confirm or deny a 3G module, its operating system, or even the expected screen size, saying that the company was "still studying" all possibilities. Boo. It will retain Sharp's proprietary XMDF e-book format, however, the better to adjust the layout of its DRM-saturated content as you transition between tablet and Sharp television screens, but also support EPUB documents and pull down email and websites over WiFi. If you want a closer look at what the tablets will probably look like, spot three mockups in our gallery below.

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