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StarCraft 2 user-created map takes the fight into space

While most of us would consider StarCraft 2 to be a space-themed strategy title, very little of the game actually takes place in the outer parts of space -- you know, the parts where no one can hear you scream. A custom map by the name of Star Battle fixes that oversight, pitting two teams of six players against one another in a massive, DotA-esque encounter. Only, instead of controlling fantasy archetypes, you control gigantic spaceships, which we think we can all agree is way cooler.

The map has proven to be the most popular custom gametype on the European servers, and is now available on the U.S. servers as well. Check out the tutorial video posted after the jump to learn the rules the game before jumping into it -- a smart move, considering player death in Star Battle is permanent. (BUH BUH BUUHHHHH)

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