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Withings Smart Baby Monitor spies on infants, beams info to iPhone


Withings, the same company that brought you the world's first internet-connected bathroom scale and announced an iPhone-based blood pressure cuff yesterday, has now announced the Smart Baby Monitor at CES 2011. This device features a wide-angle lens, 3 MP sensor and night vision with infrared LEDs to light up your spawn.

The Smart Baby Monitor is primarily made for use with the iPhone, and it's more than just a one-way monitor. Sure, you can check to see if the baby is doing OK through video and audio beamed to your iPhone, but you can sing lullabies to your little one from another room as well.

But wait, there's more! Withings equipped the Smart Baby Monitor with humidity and temperature sensors, so you can check on the ambient conditions in the nursery while you're in Vegas partying making dinner. The monitor is a small, white box that turns on when you open the lid and shuts down when you close it. If you're not paying attention to the video or sound, you can set alarms to go off when there's a certain amount of activity or movement in the crib, or if the temperature or humidity goes out of pre-set limits.

Withings has not yet determined a price for the Smart Baby Monitor. The product is expected to arrive in late March, 2011.

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