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Yo-mobile hybrid cars on display in Russia, run on gas, natural gas, and GLONASS

Tim Stevens

The Yo-mobile (or ë-mobile if you're down with Cyrillic) is looking to shake things up on the eastern front, and after big-bucks backer Mikhail D. Prokhorov introduced the car to the world last month he's now letting members of the proletariat see the car for themselves at the Yo-mobile Hybrid Pavilion, where three models of the car are being shown to the public: the microcar (wee hatchback on the right above), a coupe, and even a minitruck. All are now said to start testing in the coming months, and we're just learning that the car will feature GLONASS navigation, is said to include a "telephone with a keyboard" and will have some sort of infotainment system controlled by a "data panel," which we're hoping is a little better integrated into the dash than the slab dominating the Model S center console. Again the hybrid makes up to 67 miles per gallon with a range of a whopping 680 miles if both its gasoline and natural gas tanks are filled, which also gives owners two potential fuel sources for fleeing the oncoming zombie hoards.

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