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ECA Institute launches Gamers for Health program

Need a little encouragement to get started on your New Year's resolution to cut your body fat in half while simultaneously doubling your muscle mass? Well, it sounds like that particular goal might require some elective surgery to achieve -- but if you're looking to get generally healthy, the Entertainment Consumers Association wants to help. The ECA Institute has put together an initiative dubbed Gamers for Health, which will "provide ECA members and the gaming community with the tools and resources necessary to help incorporate gaming activities into healthy lifestyles."

We doubt that mission statement translates into "free Wii Fits for everyone" -- rather, the program will allow ECA members to create a profile and list their daily exergaming activities, sharing goals and tips with fellow users. That's not a terrible idea; we've long searched for a way to share our "Pokémon and Pilates" technique with the masses.

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