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Patch 4.0.6 being deployed on PTR servers


Patch 4.0.6 is being deployed on the PTR servers starting today, it looks like. We have confirmed reports of it from some trusted individuals (and MMO-Champion has already got its hands on the client files), but the actual client is not able to be downloaded from the website yet. We think if you have a previous PTR client, you can update that to the latest patch and check out the changes.

As for the changes themselves, right now, indications are that they are a lot of the tooltip changes and other minor tweaks prompted by the last month of hotfixes. Remember that just because a change goes up with a hotfix, a lot of times, the in-game wording won't be able to be updated until a client patch.

And just to be super-clear: This isn't patch 4.1. There are no indications that there are any new raids or anything else with this patch.

More throughout the day as we get it in!

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