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'The Tomb Raider Trilogy' hits PS3 in March


Eidos has opened its vault of classic Tomb Raider games for a new PS3 collection -- it has raided the tomb, if you prefer. The "Tomb Raider Trilogy" seen on retail websites last month has been described on the PlayStation Blog as a PS3-exclusive compilation of Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider games. It's due on March 22 at the seemingly standard PS3 trilogy collection price of $39.99.

According to the announcement, Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary are presented in "remastered HD versions" -- odd, considering they already supported HD for Xbox 360 and PC. Tomb Raider Underworld was already a PS3 game, so it's just along for the ride.

In addition to these three games, the Trilogy includes the slightest dusting of bonus content, in the form of an exclusive static theme, two PlayStation Home avatar outfits, and some behind-the-scenes videos.

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