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UTV moves Mytheon development to China, hints at upcoming closed beta

Jef Reahard

The latest chapter in the saga of the free-to-play action MMO called Mytheon features a lengthy quest across a vast ocean and two continents -- and that's before a player even logs into the game. In a press release dated earlier this morning, Texas-based UTV True Games announced the relocation of Mytheon development to its internal studio in Beijing.

"Moving the development of Mytheon to our internal studio is a very positive move for the game because we have total creative control over the title and we can tailor Mytheon's content to the preferences and needs of the community that has already grown around it," said UTV CEO Jeff Lujan. Some of said content tailoring is taking the form of improved guild functionality, camera controls, and tweaks to the various stones and stone types. For the uninitiated, Mytheon players are referred to as Stonecasters after their ability to combine and cast magical stones in battle.

In addition to the studio move, UTV has announced that a new closed beta phase will begin in late January. Previous testers will be contacted via email and will be able to use their existing accounts to access the new phase.

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