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Exclusive: Verizon Slingbox in the wild

Chris Ziegler

Well, lookie here: we just came across an extraordinarily trapezoidal device that we're told is the new Slingbox to be offered by Verizon on a monthly subscription basis to LTE customers. Not much to see, really, but they've definitely dialed down the industrial design here in favor of a tiny, matte black shell that's got some creative angling to it. It's standard definition only, as far as we can tell -- the only connections on back are for composite video. If you've already got something like a Solo or a Pro-HD, we're not sure there's any compelling reason at all to consider it -- but it might be a good way for Sling newbies to get into the game. Check out more shots below.

Gallery: Exclusive: Verizon Slingbox in the wild | 8 Photos

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