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Hackers claim to find Mac App Store loophole, pirating Angry Birds

Much like a gaggle of proud seamen, christening the bow of a shiny new ocean liner with a bottle of their most decadent champagne, the computer software pirating community has welcomed the Mac App Store into this world by reportedly discovering loopholes which allow them to plunder its wares for free. According to BBC News, one such loophole -- which only works on certain Apps and includes mobile darling Angry Birds -- simply requires the user to copy and paste the application's in-store purchase code. Why, that doesn't sound very difficult at all.

A group of hackers by the collective name of Hackulous also reported to BBC News that its developed a piece of software titled Kickback which can break the copy protection on any App on the store. A representative from the group told BBC, "We're not going to release Kickback until well after the store's been established," as they "don't want to devalue applications and frustrate developers."

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