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iFrogz shows off cases and headphones at CES 2011


We stopped by the iFrogz booth at this week's CES 2011 here in Las Vegas to see the company's line of cases and headphones for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. We also got to hear some interesting behind-the-scenes information about the business of selling accessories for Apple's devices. The best-selling case color of all time? We heard from multiple companies, including iFrogz, that you can always bet on black. But iFrogz' cases come in a bevy of colors -- "you need something to attract the eye," iFrogz told us. Still, even though you need a whole slew of colors on the shelf, anyone who sells cases knows that black is what sells.

iFrogz' most popular design is the Luxe case -- it's an iconic two-piece design that was released early in the iPhone's life cycle, and customers like the combination of a case that looks good and the function of being able to remove the bottom for easy access to the dock connector. Of course, the Luxe cases are also sold in AT&T stores, and iFrogz said that having cases available right when the device is purchased will always help sales.

iFrogz was also showing off iPad cases -- they're making a "Sport" version of the popular ProVue case (which lets you view and play with your iPad through the case's screen), as well as a case called the Tychoon that uses a special polycarbonate material. We were told that materials change all the time, partially because stronger materials are always being tested and dreamed up, but also because people's interests change. Silicone used to be good for cases, we were told, but these days it's seen as cheap, and people want something a little sturdier around their devices.

We also checked out iFrogz' headphones, including the higher-end Ear Pollution platform, as well as their own branded earpieces. Headphones are mostly a matter of taste, and we didn't actually listen in for audio quality (though most of iFrogz' units sound "good enough" -- anyone really concerned about high quality audio will probably pay a higher premium anyway). Lots of the newest headphones all have mics, designed to work with the iPhone while wearing them.

iFrogz' headphones and cases are mostly a matter of taste -- they're all well made, but it's up to you whether they're something you want to put on or use on your iPhone. We'll look for those new cases and phone models later on this year.

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