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LG G-Slate makes its FCC debut?

Chris Ziegler

Considering the size of the label here relative to the size of the device itself, this certainly seems like a tablet (rather than a phone) that hit the FCC's filing system this week from LG -- and when you add in the fact that it's got certification on T-Mobile's AWS 3G band, that pretty much seals the deal. Not a lot to see here yet, but the fact that the G-Slate's got its certification squared away might indicate that it won't be far behind the Dell Streak 7 that's launching in the next few weeks. Frankly, we're a little jealous that the FCC test lab people got to spend time with Honeycomb -- any chance Engadget can be an FCC-approved test lab? What's the process there?

[Thanks, Evan]

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