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Otterbox's Reflex Case shown off at CES ShowStoppers 2011


Mobile device case manufacturer Otterbox was at the ShowStoppers event here at CES 2011 in Las Vegas, and the company showed us its new Reflex series of cases. The company borrowed some pretty solid tech to make this protective case -- they called it a "single layer, dual density" product, which means that there's both a rubber body and two polycarbonate spines that hold the case together in one layer. The case is a little larger than your iPhone, which Otterbox claims provides a protecting cushion of air -- if you're iPhone's dropped, the air inside the case will soften the blow. At least that's what they said -- it's not like the case is airtight, so we're not sure exactly how much protection that "cushion" really provides.

It is a nice solid case and looks pretty classy. The case also snaps apart easily, so if you're at home and just want quick access to the iPhone's dock connector, you can snap the bottom part off and plug in a sync cable.

At US$44.95, Otterbox's case is quite pricey -- probably a little more than we'd be willing to pay. Yet it is a nice, solidly constructed case, and if you're looking for something that's rugged but still stylish and simple to use, it might be worth wrapping your iPhone 4 in.

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