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PlayStation Phone images and vids leaked (yeah, again!); 'PlayStation Pocket' app makes an appearance

While Sony continues to play coy about the existence of the PlayStation Phone – going so far as to toss away a perfectly good opportunity to unveil it during last night's CES press conference – they can't seem to keep it under wraps on this here internet. Chinese website IT168 has somehow managed to lay its hands on specs of the infamous handset along with a rather impressive four videos. Remember: This product isn't even official and its gotten more airtime than most independent presidential candidates.

Inside the PSP Go-esque device (see a side-by-side above!) is a Qualcomm Adreno 205 GPU, a "likely" 1GHz Snapdragon QSD8255 CPU, a 1,500 mAh battery, a 854x480 resolution 4" display, a 5 megapixel camera, 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM, a microSD slot, SIM slot, micro-USB connectivity, and more. The phone is packing a "PlayStation Pocket" app, though it's not clear what games it will support. Is the PlayStation Phone a PSone phone, leveraging the software emulator written for PSP and PS3, or will it run PSP1 games? While Sony continues to do the world's worst job of keeping a lid on things, we'll keep guessing at the ultimate feature set of the PlayStation Phone. Bounce on over to Engadget for vids and specs on Sony's big secret.

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