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iRecord Pro transfers grandma's VHS tapes directly to your iOS device or Mac


The iRecord Pro Personal Media Recorder has been around for a couple of years, but I couldn't help but notice this year it was connected to an iPad. Apparently the onboard analog-to-digital converter will also upload your MP4 converted video directly to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. It works on a Mac too, but it also works on a PC, PSP and a raft of other devices.

One thing that seems a bit odd: you have to pay for a firmware upgrade to allow transfer to the iPad, according to the iRecord site. Why the extra charge for the iPad? We'll have a hands-on at Macworld if they are there again this year and ask.

It's a pretty simple thing, and maybe our need to transfer analog video is soon to become pointless, but if you're looking for a relatively simple and fast solution to dumping video to your iOS devices, this might do the trick. Then again, for around $230 on the street and a firmware cost if you want to dump to iPad, something with such limited use might not be flying off the shelves any time soon.

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