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Nexon brings Shakespeare's Hamlet to Mabinogi

Jef Reahard

To play Mabinogi or not to play Mabinogi, that is the question. Classic literature fans may have an easier time answering it after viewing two new trailers for Nexon's free-to-play fantasy MMORPG. The tortured Shakespearian prince will be making an appearance in Chapter 4 of the game's story campaign, and if you're scratching your head as to why, Nexon explains all on its official website.

"Both Mabinogi and Hamlet are rich stories filled with twists, intrigue, and memorable characters. These similarities, along with the legacy of being one of the most famous of Shakespeare's works, made the story of Hamlet a natural to fit within the world of Mabinogi," it reads.

The update will also be bringing new gameplay to Mabinogi in the form of theater missions and a new destiny system that allows for further skill specialization. Additionally, new character skills, shadow mission updates, and item upgrades are coming with the patch. Hit the jump to check out the two new videos and head to the official site for further details.

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