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Intel: Light Peak is ready for implementation, but it's built on copper

Vlad Savov

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It's the classic good news / bad news dichotomy: Intel's highly anticipated Light Peak interconnect is totally ready for implementation into consumer devices, but its present iteration is based on communications over boring old copper wire instead of fiber optics. The company's David Perlmutter says transmissions over copper turned out "surprisingly better" than expected and that it'll prove plentiful for the majority of user needs today. Yeah, maybe, but we don't suffer bouts of gadget lust based on our needs, it's our wants that keep us up late at night dreaming of dual-core smartphones and tablet-optimized Androids. Then again, it's not like the 10Gbps optical option has been dismissed out of hand, it's just that we'll probably have to keep on waiting for it for a little (or a big) while longer.

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