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Apple lowers official US iPhone 3GS price to $49


Just four days after AT&T cut prices, Apple has dropped the official U.S. price of the iPhone 3GS to US$49. Apple made the adjustment -- a drop of $50 -- without fanfare.

It's widely expected that Verizon will announce its intention to carry Apple's iPhone tomorrow. In fact, it seems to be reveling in the anticipation among consumers a bit this morning, posting teasing tweets to Twitter. With that in mind, it makes sense that Apple would want to clear out some stock, and AT&T would want to lock in as many new 2-year contracts as possible before the big announcement.

We'll have full coverage of the news when it drops. In the meantime, if you're quite happy with AT&T and want a deal on a nice iPhone, here you go.

Update: US retailer Target has also followed suit.

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