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Google Goggles for iPhone recognizes ads, solves Sudoku puzzles

David Quilty

Your iPhone just got a little bit smarter thanks to some help from Google. As reported by MacStories, a new version of the Google Goggles component of the iPhone Google Mobile App is available for downloading, and this update does something pretty impressive -- it can help you solve those pesky Sudoku puzzles you love to torture yourself with. By using Goggles to take a picture of the puzzle you are working on, you can now take all the hard work out of figuring out the answers.

In addition to the new Sudoku-solving abilities, this update also can scan any printed advertisement and return web results for whatever product or service the ad is for. Goggles can now recognize print ads "appearing in major U.S. magazines and newspapers from August 2010 onwards," a major upgrade from the way it worked in the past when it just enabled users to search the Web by taking pictures with their mobile device.

I have been using the Amazon barcode scanner and Red Laser on my iPhone for what seems like forever, and Google Goggles' ability to scan and look up any ads I am interested in seems like another helpful feature to do my comparison shopping with.

Click on Read More to check out video of Google Goggles solving a Sudoku puzzle.

[via MacStories]

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