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No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise slicin' fools on PS3 this fall


No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise was oddly placed (misplaced?) on a PlayStation 3 2011 "exclusives" list, and given a tentative release window by the US PlayStation blog: "fall 2011." Last we heard, the up-rezzed third-person brawler was heading to PlayStation 3s at some point in 2011, but now we know the game won't arrive until the back half of the year.

"But why," you ask, "is a port of a 2007 Wii title taking so very long to bring to the PlayStation 3?" Besides making the graphics look much, much nicer, and adding Move support, a handful of No More Heroes 2 content will make its way into the PS3 re-release. We're also hoping that developer AQ Interactive is secretly working on more wacky TV shows for Travis Touchdown to flip through, but we're not holding our breath.

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