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World of Warcraft crushes another sales record in Cataclysm's first month

In news that pretty much surprises precisely nobody, Blizzard has once again topped the previously-set PC game sales records with the release of their newest World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm. Aside from their hefty day-one sales of 3.3 million copies sold (and that doesn't include Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macau who had their release on the 9th) that we reported earlier, Cataclysm has now set a second record -- this time for most PC game copies sold in the first month -- with 4.7 million copies in all flying off shelves and into eager hands.

Despite reports that consumer spending on video games is starting to drop off, World of Warcraft isn't showing any signs of massive slowdowns anytime soon. Having crossed the 12 million subscribed player mark last year, and with a slew of new jobs open to support their current games as well as work on the next generation, things definitely look good for Blizzard.

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