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AT&T iPhone 4 vs. Verizon iPhone 4: what's changed?

Chris Ziegler

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Is an iPhone 4, an iPhone 4? Not quite, now that Verizon has launched a CDMA version of the device -- in fact, there are a number of notable differences that you're going to want to consider before buying either model (or making the jump from AT&T to Big Red). We wanted to dig in and see exactly what has changed -- how does pricing compare, for instance? What features have been added or removed? In light of both Verizon's and AT&T's harping on 4G data in the past week at CES, do either of these phones support it? Let's have a quick look!



Price (on contract) $199 16GB, $299 32GB $199 16GB, $299 32GB
Data plan1 $15 / 200MB

$25 / 2GB

$45 / 2GB with tethering
$15 / 150MB?

$29.99 / unlimited?

$49.99 / unlimited with 2GB tethering?
Early upgrades available at launch Yes No
Global roaming capability Yes No
Simultaneous voice / data on 3G Yes No
WiFi mobile hotspot option No Yes
4G data (HSPA+ / LTE) No No
Rated talk time 2G voice:
14 hours

3G voice: 7 hours

3G web: 6 hours

WiFi web: 10 hours
2G voice:
Not available

3G voice: 7 hours

3G web: 6 hours

WiFi web: 10 hours
1Verizon hasn't announced iPhone plan pricing yet, so current smartphone pricing is used here for comparison.

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