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Champions Online goes free-to-play January 25

Strap on your utility belts, friends -- it's almost crimefightin' time. Well, okay, it's been crimefightin' time for a while now, but on January 25, it's going to be complimentary crimefightin' time. That's the date when Cryptic Studios will flip the switch on Champions Online over to free-to-play, giving players access to the title at no cost with the option of purchasing additional "Adventure Packs" to expand your superheroic experience. If you'd rather have access to all these offerings from the start, you can continue to subscribe to the full game for $14.99.

Oh, the change in price also comes with a change in title -- when the game relaunches, it'll be named Champions Online: Free-for-All. We don't get it. Is there going to be a bunch of new player vs. player functionality? Some kind of gruesome, super-powered bloodsport? Could it be that the heroes are -- oh, they mean "free, for all." Man, Cryptic should really reevaluate its use of punctuation.

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