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Denso dash with iPhone steering wheel knows when you are sleeping, knows when you're awake (video)

Tim Stevens

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Smartphone integration is the next big thing that's happening right now, but it isn't quite happening the way Denso is doing it. This is the company's dashboard of a future, with its most predominant feature being an iPhone embedded right in the steering wheel. That drives an infotainment system and a small, circular LCD above with a bunch of widgets you can bounce with a touch from the phone to the display. Most interesting is one that communicates with traffic lights to let you know how fast to go if you want to miss 'em all. The idea is to save fuel by not stopping and starting, but we're thinking this could also do a lot to ease hypertension rates nationwide.

Another thing the dash can do is tell when you're about to drowse off. One of those widgets is a cup of coffee that empties as you're getting sleepy. An all-seeing webcam perched atop the dash tracks your face and eyes to know just how alert you are. Drop below a threshold and the dash starts blinking red. It's time for a nap -- or maybe more coffee, for goodness' sake.

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