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'Hero' looks like it could have been Midway's 'inFamous'


Last week we got a tiny, one-image glimpse of Midway Chicago's game-that-could-have-been, Hero. Now we get a better picture of what the title might have looked like, thanks to the portfolio of Tae Young Choi, a concept artist at Midway who worked alongside Stephan Martiniere, the former staffer responsible for the release of last week's image.

There are also some small tidbits regarding the game's design to be gleaned from Choi's site, including that there were going to be multiple (presumably playable) characters, each possessing unique super powers. From Choi's descriptions of his drawings, we know that the katana-wielding hero (seen above, fighting an enemy on the wing of Air Force One) could "jump really high," and that at least three other heroes were planned: one that could control water; one that could generate a force field; and a "dumb strong" character with a tail.

Choi also hints at one possible cause for the mass destruction visible in the gameworld: an out-of-control laser beam coming from a satellite that's "cutting everything." Unfortunately, the game itself was cut before we ever got a chance to see it in action. Visit Choi's site to peep some additional concept art.

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