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Lego Battles to go ninja, go Ninjago this spring


TT Games and WBIE are preparing a sequel to one of the few Lego games not to carry a license (well, other than the Lego license), the DS real-time strategy battle Lego Battles. Lego Battles: Ninjago brings back the RTS style, but gives it a new setting and new characters from Lego's new Ninjago toy line.

Ninjago is about ninjas who practice "Spinjitzu," the art of spinning into a human tornado like the Tasmanian Devil, and a martial art that doesn't sound like it lends itself to strategy. In "good" or "evil" single-player scenarios, you can play out the battles between the ninjas and the "Skulkin" skeleton army. There are also multiplayer modes, including "four new multiplayer challenges, and two of the original multiplayer challenges from Lego Battles." Ninjago will be released on DS this spring. In addition, a Ninjago-themed world is being added to the MMO Lego Universe.

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