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Mythos quest system detailed

Jef Reahard

The developers behind Mythos are billing it as "the first worldwide hack 'n' slash MMO" and to that end, the upcoming free-to-play fantasy title is crammed full of randomly generated dungeons, items, and upgrade potential. Mythos is also crammed full of quests according to a new press release dated earlier this morning, and HanbitSoft's game will lead players on a journey across the world of Uld that is heavy on the traditional types of MMORPG tasks with which we're all familiar.

Mythos also boasts several unique factions, and raising your character's reputation will grant access to special merchants and a selection of powerful equipment.

Mythos was originally developed by Flagship Studios prior to HanbitSoft taking the reins in 2009. The Korean F2P company, in concert with publishing giant Frogster, expects to bring Mythos online in early 2011. Learn more at the official website, and check out our screenshot gallery below.

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